Loadbreak Interrupter

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Increase the capability of your disconnect switches by adding Joslyn Hi-Voltage® load interrupter attachments to expand the versatility for loop sectionalizing, line dropping, load breaking and transformer-magnetizing current interruption.  The value of this added capability is increased operational efficiency and flexibility, as well as reduced number of circuit breaker operations and/or investment.  Additionally, devices that provide multiple functions on a single switch, such as the Joslyn Hi-Voltage® Series LSI Load Sectionalizer Interrupter, which provides both loop splitting and line dropping, increase personnel safety because they can eliminate switch misoperation.

Joslyn Hi-Voltage® load interrupter attachments do not in any way reduce the rating of the disconnect switch, nor do they violate the coordinated open gap design of the switch.  Joslyn Hi-Voltage® interrupter attachments include custom-designed mounting brackets and arc horns to ensure that interrupters are properly transitioned into the circuit when the disconnect switch opens.  In addition, the arc horns are designed to withstand the prestrike developed upon closing of the switch.  Josly Hi-Voltage® load interrupter attachments are designed for a 30-year life and can be operated 5000 times without any maintenance.

High Velocity Whip

Ths device stores energy in the spring rod and in the coil spring inside the aluminum housing.  The stored energy in the spring rod is added to the energy stored in the coil spring at the instant the spring rod separates from the latch.  The parting velocity is 22" (558mm) per cycle.  This allows the Series HVI to be the highest rated device in this category.  Application include interruption of the line charging current up to 161 kV and transformer-magnetizing current up to 230 kV.


  • Economical attachments for air switches mount quickly on most gear - or motor-operated vertical - and side-break switches, enabling affordable conversion of existing air switches.
  • Install on the air switch's existing hardware - no special tools or training required.
  • Reliable operation.
  • Interruption reliability is not dependent upon switch opening speed.
  • Virtually maintenance-free; requires only an inspection every five years or 5000 operations.
  • Unique design ensures proper operation at all times, and air switches equipped with Series HVI Interrupters have operated dependably in the field for many years.
  • Interrupting performance far exceeds the capabilities of quick-break attachments of more conventional design.
  • Mount on almost any vertical - or side-break horn gap air switch equipped with 3" or 5" bolt circle insulators and a manual gear or motor-operated mechanism.
Loop Dropping and Cable Switching
System Voltage (kV) 96 115 138 161 230
Approximate Line Length (miles) 70 50 30 20 -----
Current (Amps) 20 20 15 10 0.5
Transformer-Magnetizing Switching
System Voltage (kV) 96 115 138 161 230
Transformer Size (MVA) 70 100 150 200 300




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