Y (Wye) Splice

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Patton & Cooke Co.’s Y Splice Junction Bar reduces space requirements for multiple cable connections in 3 phase configurations. Our junction bars provide rigid connection points to eliminate multiple flexible cable interconnections. Available in a wide variety of configurations up to 35 kV.

15/25 kV

Y Splice Junction Bars


  1. Standard ratings for 15 / 25 kV L & Y Splice:
    • Voltage: to 25 kV
    • Impulse Voltage: to 125 kV BIL
    • Corona Extinction: to 19 kV
    • Standard ratings for 35 kV Y Splice:
    • Voltage: 35 kV
    • Impulse Voltage: 150 kV BIL
    • Corona Extinction: 26 k
  2. The standard splice is equipped with protective covers and a mounting bracket
  3. Many combinations of 200/600 Amp junction bars are available


  1. Determine the following:
    • Maximum voltage, kV.
    • Current Rating, Amp.
    • Number of positions required for installation.
    • Configuration of splice
  2. Select single casting 3 phase device or 3 x 1 single phase devices on common frame
  3. Select catalog number of splice
  4. Provide the maximum voltage, kV and substitute its corresponding extinction value for x in the catalog number.

Example 1:

25 kV (corona extinction = 19 kV), 3-200 Amp universal bushing wells required straight inline and 6-600 A standard bushings required at 90 deg. with single casting.

Catalogue Number  JBY-3A/6B-19

Example 2: Same as above but with 3×1 single phase Catalogue Number  JBY3-1A/2B-19.

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