Cable Transition Modules

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Patton & Cooke Co.’s CTM’s are designed for splicing PILC into solid dielectric cable. P&C modules allow easy and reliable construction of single phase taps or splices from PILC distribution cable feeders using Separable insulated Connectors (i.e. Rubber Elbows). CTM’s are rated for 15, 35, or 35 kV applications and are available in 200, 600 or 900 Amp configurations.

Cast from P&C’s exclusive thermal setting resin, our CTM’s possess the same properties as our junction bars. P&C CTM’s are a unique integration of a PILC splice and a junction bar in one device.

145 Amp

Cable Transition Modules


  1. Standard ratings for 15/25 kV modules:
    • Impulse Voltage: to 95 or 125 kV BIL
    • Corona Extinction: to 11 or 19 kV
    • Standard ratings for 35 kV modules:
    • Impulse Voltage: to 150 kV BIL
    • Corona Extinction: to 26 kV
  2. All cable transition modules are standard equipped with solder lugs and protective covers.
  3. Wiping sleeves and mounting brackets are sold separately.
  4. All cable transition modules are for use with molded separable insulated connectors.
  5. Standard modles are for horizontal mounting. For unique transition splicing requirements contact factory.
  6. For 900 Amp applications, contact factory.
  7. Weights and dimensions are approximate.


  1. Determine the following:
    • Maximum voltage, kV.
    • Current Rating of tap(s), Amp.
    • Transition configuration
  2. Select catalogue number of cable transition module.
  3. Provide the conductor size and type of cable.
  4. Specify if mounting brackets or wiping sleeves are required

Example 1:
15 kV, 600 Amp run with 3 point, 200 Amp tap, run & tap transition configuration
Catalogue Number CTM-011A

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