5/8 kV Cable Couplers

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The quality and durability of Patton & Cooke’s existing line of 5/8kV, 250 and 400 amp cable couplers has already been proven throughout the global mining industry. Now that we’ve added many new improvements, we’ve definitely left our competitors trailing far behind!

For quality 5/8kV couplers at competitive prices, Patton & Cooke is your only choice. For proven performance and cost effectiveness the PK and PL Series couplers are unmatched. Both 250 amp (PK/RK) and 400 amp (PL/RL) versions are among the most widely 5-8 kV couplers in the world. If a feature rich, or customized coupler is required, our C80 series can accomodate all of your specific needs – from interlocks to fiber optics.

P/R-K/L Series

5/8 kV Cable Couplers

P/R-K/L Series Applications:

  • Mining
    1. Shovels
    2. Drills
    3. Continuous Miners
    4. Conveyors
  • Shore to Ship
  • Tunneling
  • Portable Power Generation

P/R-K/L Series Specifications

  • Shielded cable is not used
    1. MPF, Type W, Cab Tire


All couplers and junction boxes are supplied with cover, attachment chain and provision for padlocking two mated couplers and/or covers. Termination kits and potting compound can be purchased separately.

Standard Terminations for phase, pilot and ground conductors are designed for soldering. Solderless stems are available as a no charge option.

Potting compound is recommended for 5 and 8kV couplers and junction boxes exposed to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. Potting compound can be purchased separately.


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